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2008 Symposium Sculptures

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The 2008 Sculptors

Artists Profiles:

Lode Tibos

Belgium’s Lode Tibos will be joining the eight strong artist contingent at the Barossa International Sculpture Symposium to be held at Mengler’s Hill during September and October 2008.

An accomplished artist with decades of experience in the fields of both painting and sculpture, Tibos’ passion is sculpting in stone combined with materials such as machinery parts, boulders and stone fragments that he has discovered by accident.

Tibos creates monumental abstract sculptures whatever their size.   Common to his creations is a push to the sky whilst also displaying a clear connection to the earth.  He has a strong belief in the forces of nature which is reflected in the respectful way he handles his work materials.

With most of his exhibitions hosted in Europe, Tibos is excited at the opportunity to share his work with the Barossa community and to capture the essence of the region through his Barossa stone sculpture.

Omar Tousson

Egypt’s Omar Tousson will be participating in the International Sculpture Symposium to be held in the Barossa during September and October 2008.

The youngest of the eight contributing sculptors at 35, Tousson is a multi award winning artist who has exhibited in Italy, Switzerland and Lebanon as well as extensively throughout Egypt.  Tousson has also created works at other Symposiums in Turkey, Egypt and Serbia Montenegro, including Aswan’s world renowned International Stone Sculpture Symposium.

 A specialist in stone sculpture, Tousson is known for letting a piece of stone dictate the form it will become rather than deciding what to sculpt first and then selecting a stone to work with.

He is excited at the opportunity to work with Barossa stone to create a lasting legacy for the Barossa community through the Symposium.  Together with seven other international artists, Tousson will work with Barossa’s famous marble and black and brown granite, transforming natural rough blocks into works of art that will become a permanent addition to the Barossa Sculpture Park.

Michael Dan Archer

Michael Dan Archer will be representing the United Kingdom at the Barossa International Sculpture Symposium to be held in the region during September and October 2008.

One of eight participating sculptors, Archer brings a wealth of experience to the event which will see each artist create a new granite sculpture for the Barossa Sculpture Park.

A specialist at working with granite and cast iron, Archer has exhibited widely throughout the United Kingdom and has an extensive international presence including creating works at Sculpture Symposiums in Japan, South Korea, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Dubai and the Czech Republic.  One of his most recent works was a steel and stone gateway for a major Cardiff motorway.

Archer has particular experience in producing sensitive but high quality integrated sculptures for public areas.  He is looking forward to engaging with the Barossa public to ensure his work at the stone Symposium becomes an integral part of the community environment.


Hiroshi Miyauchi

The Barossa International Sculpture Symposium 2008 is looking forward to welcoming Hiroshi Miyauchi as one of its eight international guests.

Calling Japan’s Ooshima Island home, Miyauchi is an exciting and skilled stone sculptor.  He actually lives in his art.  Using white granite from the quarries on Ooshima Island he has crafted the furniture for his bedroom and living room to complement the structure of the rooms which he has created using the traditional Japanese method of soil floor and walls.

With over three decades of sculpting experience, Miyauchi has exhibited extensively globally, including USA, Japan, India, Bulgaria and Switzerland.

In great demand, he is no stranger to Sculpture Symposiums having participated in over nine.  He loves the community aspect of such events, working with other artists and engaging with the local community.

Viktor Kalinowski

Polish born artist and sculptor Viktor Kalinowsi will be one of the eight international artists taking part in the Barossa International Sculpture Symposium being held during September and October 2008.

A self taught sculptor, Kalinoswki brings a diversity of experience to the Stone Symposium.  He is comfortable working with various mediums including metal, wood, bronze, stone, plastics, plaster and marble.  His breadth and depth of talent also extends to making jewellery.

Living in Australia since 1986, Kalinoswki has featured in numerous exhibitions nationally and overseas, including his most recent at Melbourne’s Kazari Gallery which showcased works made in steel, bronze, brass, aluminium and marble. 

Critically acclaimed as an inventor and scientist with a strong exploring mind, Kalinowski brings to the Symposium a willingness to try different things.  He is excited to have the opportunity to work with Barossa granite to visually express the essence of the region and to share this with the local community.

Patrice Belin (France)

From Auvergne, at the centre of France,

Belin has participated in numerous sculpture symposiums throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.   Perhaps his most revered public work is his sculpture in Egypt’s Aswan.  Taking several years to complete, Belin has created a prayer place in the middle of the desert including steps for viewers to climb into an enclosed, silent space with an unobstructed view of the landscape. 

Experienced in stone carving, Belin is renowned for ‘going inside the stone’.   He splits the stone to be sculpted, working on individual parts before piecing them together for the final creation, with his artistic approach a mix of direct carving and construction.   Belin’s work tends to hug the earth rather than standing tall or sitting on a plinth. 


Kevin Free (Australia)

Free will be responsible for the Community Sculpture enabling the public to try their hand at sculpting, working alongside Free. 


A full time sculpture since 1983, Free specialises in woodcarving using fallen and recycled material and also enjoys working in stone, particularly limestone and soapstone.  He has a passion for the environment and draws inspiration for his art from the bush and his journeys into wild places.  Also, stimulated by his fellow artists, Free is looking forward to being part of the creative community spirit engendered by the Symposium.


Free has a studio in the Victorian Pyrenees and offers Artist in Residence programs in schools and Adult Education workshops.

Roger Loos (USA)

Loos began sculpting in the mid 1990s.  Working in stone, particularly granite, marble and limestone from the quarries of Pennsylvania, Vermont and Indiana, he creates abstract and semi abstract sculptures that are filled with hard-edged angles and graceful curves.


Loos believes patience and persistence are the key to stone carving.  He often places the stones that he is going to carve in his garden where he can see them during his daily routines.   Developing a relationship with each stone is paramount to every Loos sculpture.


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